Our Story

Brew Your Skill got started as we were looking for a way to offer core business skill training in a unique and fun way outside of our normal consulting approach. When working inside of organizations, we would constantly see lackluster cultures and hear from employees that the company training seemed boring, dull and outdated. We knew we could do better so we launched Brew Your Skill to satisfy this demand. What could be better than laughing, engaging, and learning.

The Faces You’ve Been Waiting For

The Team

Vince Carone

Vice President

Robyn Sayles

Comedic Facilitator

Dan Gramann

Comedic Facilitator

Casey Clark

Comedic Facilitator

Jim Flannigan

Comedic Facilitator

Paul Farahvar

Comedic Facilitator

Engage your team with the most engaging training experience in the world.

Put that training budget to good use and don’t just build culture – instead build a performance culture.