Carone is no stranger to captivating a room and bringing them along for the ride. For the past 16-years he has traveled the country as a businessman by day and a comedian by night. Prior to Brew Your Skill, he led many sales and retention teams for a successful dot-com company where his energy and passion drove him to become the Director of Sales. It was here that he combined his years of live performing skills with his love of training to drive the team to break personal records and reach professional goals.

Carone now finds himself as the Vice President of Brew Your Skill as well as a Comedic Facilitator for the company. His rapid-fire delivery and quick wit are what keeps the audience locked in throughout the entire event. Using his “been there, done that” experiences and stories, Carone will keep the audience laughing while learning. His roll up his sleeves and jump in the mix attitude earn him the trust he needs to deliver time and time again. If you’re ready to learn and laugh till you pee, then Carone is the one that you want see!