May I Have Your Attention, Please?

By February 16, 2017Leadership

You’re busy; we get it. Work is piling up and you feel slammed. Then, suddenly your employee comes to you with an issue that requires your direct attention. But, instead of focusing on the problem, you are distracted and evasive.

Then what happens? It comes back to bite you. By paying less attention to the issues at hand and not providing clear feedback, your employees may not have a clear direction on how to proceed. This could lead to a poor judgment call, only prompting further issues. The point is if you want to fix a problem; start listening.

Quit priding yourself on multi-tasking; just because you manage to do a few things half right doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the time to individually deal with those issues that arise. The outcome may be faster in the short term, but longer term things will continue to come back to you.

Next time you have a meeting with an employee who has an issue, give them your undivided attention. Stop what you’re doing and listen to them. Not only will they understand how to handle the situation, but because you were able to give more details,  you will have the confidence of knowing that this won’t come back.

As a bonus; it’ll also likely help them get to the point quicker. If they’ve got your sole focus in spite of everything else going on around you, they are aware that you are taking the time to do this for them, and they will get straight to the point with what needs to be solved.

So more time focused per issue, more issues solved, less time actually taken in the long term, and more respect from employees? Sounds like a pretty clear victory. Take the time, feed the need and, as always, keep Brewing Your Skill.