Trying to attract top talent? Cut the crap

Stop printing out interview scripts sent from HR or Corporate. Carefully-curated interview questions designed to draw out a person’s character rather than their abilities to do the job could be costing you the opportunity to attract top talent and move your organizational goals in the right direction.

To put it another way; don’t get mad at the quality of the water when you wanted Spring but are only asking for (and are willing to pay for) Swamp. The quality time put into the interview should be the ultimate revealer of whether or not someone is truly a good fit for the job.

For example; I don’t care that you’re “loyal to a fault.” I don’t care that you’re a go-getter, a rockstar, a self-starter or that you strive for innovation and personal improvement.

Screw all of that; tell me what you’ve done that relates to the job we’ve brought you in to talk about. Cut straight to it, and get the facts. Truth be told; it’s nice to get the warm and fuzzies over a candidate and their perceived ability to self-regulate and cooperate well with teammates, but if they don’t know the job at hand or haven’t had specific experience with a task, then that needs to be excised and understood before you can continue with the interview process.

The interviewee, also, is likely tired of having to give the fluff responses. If they’re competent enough to be considered a top contender for the job, you want to make sure that you have a complete picture of why they’re the right pick for the job, with details of how they’ve handled challenges in the past and what they’ve learned from that experience. Give them the chance, and they’ll talk about it; they’ll present it to you on a silver platter. If they know what they’re doing they’ll be happy to tell you exactly why. They’ve already dealt with vague-understanding recruitment and initial interview processes, so they’ve probably had to give the fluff treatment just to land on your desk. Quit asking them about their 5-year plan, ask them what they can actually do; and as always, keep Brewing Your Skill.