Our Story

Brew Your Skill was born from the notion that like your favorite pilsen or IPA, skill development isn’t brewed overnight. We believed that the best way to drive engagement with our clients was to take a page from Brew Master’s handbook and apply it to businesses around the country.

Admittedly, one of our original engagement tactics in the early days involved rolling a keg into a skill workshop or two. We’ll let you imagine how that went. Despite the added brew or two, our biggest lesson from those days were how to wow our clients with creativity in our training. We’ve since ditched the beer, but we’re still brewing, determined to be the most engaging training in the world.

1. Assess

  • Understand team culture
  • Gather team goals
  • Analyze challenges

We start every project with a deep dive into the corporate culture of your team. This may include individual interviews, workplace shadows, focus groups or surveys. We are flies on the wall, as we take meticulous notes surrounding your issues. We also keep a close eye out for unseen issues, like learning style differences or communication misunderstandings.

Our main goal during the assessment process is to become experts on your culture. After fully understanding your values, we can create your perfect training.

2. Plan

  • Collect team insights
  • Propose Training options

Once we analyze our insights from the assessment process, we integrate your goals and draft out a plan of attack. This detailed process can be as tailored or as general as you’d like. We make sure every training project we propose serves a dynamic learning style.

Our main goal during the planning process is to give you focused options that will solve for your specific challenges.

3. Create

  • Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm
  • Produce and generate new training

Now that we’ve outlined the type and style of training you’re looking for, the Brew Your Skill creative team takes over. We hide out in our creative Think Tank and come up with the wildest ideas, to give your team a training experience unlike any other.

Our main goal during the creation process is to bring your training to life with engaging, dynamic (and hilarious) concepts.

4. Implement

  • Introduce new training
  • Support team adaptation

We put our ideas into action in the implementation process. We’ll introduce the new training to your team, analyze the success, coach them through and adjust to better fit the team.

Our main goal during the implementation process is to support your team, and faciliatate easy adoption of the new training.

5. Review

  • Collect post-surveys
  • Analyze results
  • Propose next steps

As we wrap up our project, we use post-surveys and interviews to gauge how effective the new training has been. We collect that data and bring to you a comprehensive report with recommended next steps.

Our goal during the assessment process is to ensure we developed programs that not only solve your challenges, but ensure the new processes stick…we told you we were clingy.

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