Even Rockstars Need to Learn Their Instruments

By February 23, 2017Leadership

You’ve opened a new position at your company and you’re looking to hire from within. So, you do what’s natural; you find someone who is good (or great) at their current job, and if it’s related enough, you lead them through the interview process and hire them.

You bring them on board to the new department, and within 3 months they give up and quit, leading you to start the search all over again. How did this happen? Maybe they didn’t have the tools they needed to succeed? Did they ask the right questions? Did I answer them?

Maybe you were too focused on delegating to stop and think about direction. It can be tempting to try to offload as much of the work as possible for this new position by delegating responsibilities, but keep in mind that just because they were a rockstar at their previous job does not necessarily translate into success in the new position.

Let’s rewind a bit and take a look at it from the other perspective; let’s look at too much direction and not enough delegation; aka the micro-manager. In this case, your rockstar still ends up leaving because they don’t feel that they have the control they need to do their job properly. They’ve mastered the process months ago, but are still hearing about how they need to do it.

The lesson here? There are times to delegate, and times to direct. Knowing the right balance between the two will result in a much better working relationship and give the person the tools that they need to succeed and grow in their new role.

Because every rockstar has an instrument, and every instrument has been learned with direction. Give them the tools to succeed in the right balance, and keep Brewing Your Skill.