What is Microburst Training?

Small but mighty

We created a training program that mirrors our world today. We stopped trolling our social media platforms just long enough to realize there is something really special in the short videos we watch on our timelines all day long.

Think about those engaging short videos you see on social media. There is so much emotional engagement achieved in just about 120 seconds. What if your team could feel that way in their team training? If you had your team hooked and engaged in your training, what would that do for your culture? Crazy, right?

Empower your team. Add power to your company.

What’s your process?

Our ancient family recipe

No matter the project, we use a 5 step process to ensure we’re not just giving you cool training, we’re getting to the root of your challenges and developing unique solutions.

We call it our Brewing Process. To download our Brewing Process Report, click here.

What planet are you from?

We come in peace

Brew Your Skill was born from the idea that like your favorite Pilsner or IPA, skill development takes time to brew. We take a page from the Brew Master’s handbook and apply it to businesses around the country.

Admittedly, one of our original engagement tactics in the early days involved rolling a keg into a skill workshop. We’ll let you imagine how that went. Despite the added brew or two, our biggest lesson from those days was how to wow our clients with creativity in corporate training.

We’ve since ditched the beer, but we’re still brewing, determined to be the most engaging training in the world.

Why embark on this cause?

It’s 2017, we make movies on our phones!

Our world operates in 140 characters. Your timeline is full of 30-60 second videos. It’s happening, people.

When training simply directs a team to hours on  an LMS course, the team doesn’t retain the information, and you waste money on ineffective training.

We’re not reinventing the wheel, we’re riding along with it. Brew Your Skill delivers.