I Don’t Buy It

By April 20, 2017Leadership

One thing you’ll come to realize working with your team is that not everyone is going to be on board with every idea. It can be easy to give in to the temptation of dismissing detractors, but there’s a certain dynamic that you should be striving for in every situation – creating buy-in from your team.

When people are telling you that something isn’t going to work – they may not be just complaining. If you hear them out, get them to invest in the end goal of your idea, and create a positive working relationship by trying things just a bit differently, you have the potential to unlock a huge increase in productivity. People like being listened to, not talked at. Big shocker, right?

Ownership vs. Delegation: Creating Buy-In

Listen– it’s perfectly natural for all of us to do. Sometimes people fall into a pattern of delegation rather than leadership that can ultimately be destructive to your work environment. Just because someone doesn’t outright object to an idea that you bring to the table, doesn’t mean that they’re on board 100% with your approach. Perhaps they have a few suggestions on a better way to handle the problem, or have already found a different solution?

Perhaps, if you spent some more time listening and less time delegating, you could create and keep buy-in among your coworkers. If taking their feedback into genuine consideration helps keep them invested on your initiative, then it’s worth every minute of your time to try and get to the bottom of the best way to handle the issue.

Focus on the End Goal, not the path

The goal of creating and keeping buy-in is to stay focused on what you ultimately want to accomplish, and not necessarily the path that you take to get to that end point. Flexibility in the process and feedback loop is critical to making sure you can stay on course and keep people interested in working with you towards that success.

So open up, stop bossing people around and actually ask what they’d do differently. Even if they are ultimately just complaining – listening to their complaints will, in itself, help to create buy-in and a trust in you, if not your idea. And as always, keep Brewing Your Skill!