Hanson is playing a concert.  Don’t laugh, you know you secretly want to go. But can you go? MMM’NOPE! Why? Because you got roped into doing something you don’t want to do and now you can’t get out of it.

It happens to us all. Admit it; we commit to things without thinking and then we end up getting asked to do them again and again. In the workplace, saying yes can be empowering and a great way to build a working relationship with your boss. However, saying ‘yes’ too much can leave you drowning in work that was never part of job description.  

Instead, try it this way:

Quick to say no, slow to say yes.

Or, put another way, learn to say MMM’NOPE!

By saying no to something initially or taking the time to think about something before saying yes, you open up the dialog about what’s actually feasible for your schedule. If you need to understand what it is that they’re asking, you’ll force their hand in answering your questions before you say yes. If you aren’t able to do something, don’t be afraid to tell them. “No” can be a powerful tool if yielded with a bit of discipline. It can help establish working relationships, boundaries of your job description and allows you more freedom to dictate what you’re able to do and when.

So switch gears, spend more time saying no and determining a reason for the ‘no’, and quit saying yes all the damn time! Don’t give into the urge to show off by taking on too much and having it come back to haunt you later. Now go to that concert, and as always, keep Brewing Your Skill!