Take Your Appointment & Stick It!

By April 6, 2017Selling

Let us walk you down a path for a minute here – let’s say for a minute you have 12 meetings that you have booked, right now. Look at how busy you are! What do you think the chances are that the other party will show up?

You seem confident – are you sure about that? How are you so sure that the meeting you’d been working so hard for was as much a priority for them as it was for you? Even worse; what if they never reschedule and you don’t hear from them again?

Quit firing blanks to fill up your calendar to feel productive without actually getting anything accomplished. Put some firepower behind it to make the meeting stick. Here’s what you have to remember – pay attention to why you want to have a meeting and stop focusing so much on just getting that meeting.


Try setting an agenda for the meeting. Better yet – come to a consensus on the agenda and action items with all key decision makers involved. Give them a reason to be there in the first place.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a new prospective client on services or getting your team to listen to you to help drive the company to new heights, the results can be the same. We’ve talked about this in our last entry. If your employees are responding well to setting an agenda and having a given space and time that they can talk to you about their concerns, why can’t your prospects?

Why not set an agenda for the meeting to give them an impetus to arrive. Call them the day before just to confirm the agenda and to make sure they’re coming. New item on the list? A new question, perhaps? New participant? Alter the agenda, invite the necessary parties, and use the agenda as a framework to catch them up on everything they need to know.

One is the Loneliest Number

Remember that while your prospect may be vetting you as a suitable vendor to provide them with needed services, this also helps you to prospect. If you can’t pin down a solid agenda for the meeting and are only able to talk to someone “just to talk,” it might be worthwhile to use that in determining next steps. Remember; fewer meetings doesn’t necessarily translate to less revenue. And, as always, keep Brewing Your Skill.