Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Like A Boss

By December 29, 2016Leadership

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution? Screw the gym membership, you know you probably won’t go after the first month or so, why kid yourself? You have one goal this year, and it’s one that you can stick to. Improving your leadership. To get started, ask yourself these questions:

What Do I Want?

What is your personal professional goal for the next year? Is it to increase the amount of money you make? Increase your pipeline? Improve your personal sales tactics? Your public speaking and leadership ability? Figure it out and write it down, because you may well lose sight of your goals throughout the year. If you have something concrete to refer to, it could serve as a motivating factor for you. Filter out what’s important versus what’s not. Identify signal from noise and be ready to adapt to achieve those goals.

What Does the Company Want?

If you run a company, find out what direction you want to take it. How do you grow? How do you want to grow? Are you looking to take a new product live? Maybe introduce it to the public for the first time ever? Launch a new initiative? Go on a user acquisition warpath? Or are you past that stage and are looking for consistent, steady growth?

If you aren’t lucky enough (or cursed enough, depending on who you ask) to run a company and adapt that theory to your team or the organization; What do your superiors want? What are their goals for the year? Do you have any input on those goals? Now would undoubtedly be the time to find that out. Use the opportunity of a new year to explore options about what it means to move the help move the goals closer to reality, and prioritize based on what you are able to do. Again, write them down and make sure that you’re in consistent communication with your teammates to ensure you’re all working towards the same goals. No sense in rowing in a different direction than everyone else when you’re all in the same boat.

Filter the Garbage

No matter what, one of the most important things that you can do for the New Year is to stick to the plan. Do everything in your power to achieve the goal that you have set for yourself. Failure is okay as long as an effort has been made. Failure can even be a good thing under the right conditions. As long as you maintain the overarching goal throughout the year, it’ll be easy to defend that goal. Consistency is key.

Here’s the other key- screw everything else. Filter out the garbage that doesn’t apply directly to that goal that you have in mind. Don’t misunderstand us; we realize that your goals may well change throughout the course of the year. Yet, it’s important to keep in mind that as long as you’re going to set about changing your goal, you do so in a way that’s calculated rather than haphazard. At every step you should be evaluating where you are, how it pertains to a goal you’ve set, and where you want to be.

So forget the gym membership. You won’t stick to it. Why? Probably because you didn’t realize what’s involved in maintaining a steady presence to improve your physical health at the gym. You didn’t plan for it. As long as you plan for something to occur, you can be better prepared to filter out what’s not useful and use it as a way to help you stick to a plan.

And, as always, keep Brewing Your Skill.

Happy New Year!