Upselling Doesn’t Need to be a Dirty Word

By February 2, 2017Selling

It can be tempting, after you’ve established a relationship with a new client, to try and see how much more they are willing to spend. We’ve all seen and heard the horror stories of car dealers slipping something into the contract after someone has agreed to buy a car as a method of convincing them that they need things that they don’t necessarily need (No one, no one needs the undercoating).

Think of it this way; you put a lot of work into convincing that person your services are the ones that they need. Why muck it up after you get your foot in the door by selling them on more things that they may not need? The term “upselling” is a bit of a misnomer; you should be focused on finding solutions for their needs at every step of the way rather than finding things that you can convince them to buy to increase your bottom line.

Don’t Stop Dating

There’s an old adage that the most successful marriages are the ones in which the couple never stops dating. Act like you’re still on the chase, even though they’re on board. They’ve made the commitment, now is the time to show them that they didn’t make the wrong choice.

So how exactly do you do that? By getting fat, happy and pushy to get what you want? To ignore the customer’s needs in favor of your wants? Never stop dating. Always try to understand and listen to the needs of the customer before trying to sell them something. Maintaining the momentum that you’ve built up with the customer is a lot easier if you pay a little attention to what they need. And it sure as hell is a lot cheaper than acquiring a new customer.

Satisfaction is Infectious

If you have the patience to listen to your customer and address their needs, you’ll be much more apt to maintain the golden ratio between keeping them happy, increasing their spend and substantially lowering your workload to maintain momentum.

Bonus points if you can keep them so happy that you are getting referral business from them. Rather than cram stuff down their throat, treat your client with respect, and the next person they know that might need you is going to get a happy recommendation. Penny wise pound foolish. Don’t fall into that trap, pay attention and sell solutions, not tchotchkes. Ever get the extended warranty at an electronics store for that mouse you just bought? Didn’t think so. Respect that they likely know what they want, don’t be too pushy and be the person they go to when they need a solution, not the added warranty they’ll never use. As always; keep Brewing Your Skill.