Virtual Live Training

Live from Brew Your Skill, it’s Virtual Training Live!

It’s a full-scale virtual show performed directly to your team from the comfort of their offices. We deliver individualized or group training with our Brew Your Skill charm, jam packed with insane characters.

The end of the “I can’t get out of my office for this training” excuse.

One-on-One Coaching

Don’t pay for stuff you don’t need. Instead of hiring a cliché life coach to come “inspire” your team, adjust your priorities to coach the individuals on your team that really need it.

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Virtual Series

Help your team get out of their heads without getting out of their chairs! (See what we did there?) We’ll drive retention of learning with our Virtual Live Training series. Side effects may include: common language and team alignment.

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Implementation Training

We’ll be the clingy ex in this situation, and ensure your team has absorbed the new learning with virtual check-ins, retention emails, live group sessions and more.

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This Is How We Do It

(Insert 90s R&B song here)

Solve Root Issues: Behavioral Change

We develop engaging microburst training modules that seamlessly integrate with your company. So maybe robots will take over the world, but someone’s gotta help them develop their communication and sales strategies, right?

  • Leadership
  • Sale
  • Productivity
  • Communication
Regulation & Continued Education: Stop Getting Fined

You’ve never seen and integrated full-service experience like the Brew Your Skill Compliance Program. We’ll drive results that surpass any current training you have, and we’ll have your team laughing the whole time.

  • Human Resources
  • Financial
  • Hospitality
On the job training: Your World Revamped

Need an extra set of hands to solve a specific project? We’ll be those hands! We can develop, implement and manage your training project. Consider it handled.

  • Onboarding Development
  • Service Delivery
  • Job Function

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