You Suck at Leading Millennials

By February 9, 2017Leadership

You’re used to a big intro; you’ve come to know our posts here at Brew Your Skill as having a storied, well thought-out and, dare we say witty, anecdote that leads into a larger discussion about leadership. We take pride in that format and will continue that well into the future.

But just for a moment, let’s put that aside and get right down to the point; you probably, not definitely, but probably suck at leading millennials. It can be difficult to meet the needs of the new workforce because they seem different than the needs you had when you first entered the workforce. But we think that something might just be lost in translation, so we’re here to help.

Let’s put on our ‘millennial translator’ for a moment here. Great, everything looks ironic and suddenly you want to buy a record player. I think we’re ready. Let’s take a look at some common phrases you’ll need to understand, and what they actually mean:

What they say: “Don’t call us that!”

What they mean: “By calling us Millennials you’re being dismissive.”

What they say: “Why is it always my fault?”

What they mean: “Maybe it’s not me that’s the problem, here; maybe you need to take a more active role as a leader to make sure we all succeed.”

What they say: “I don’t want to do mindless work.”

What they mean: “Look; it’s not that I don’t understand how to do it, I just want to know why we’re doing this. I need to feel like what we’re doing matters in the grand scheme of things so we can feel invested in the work that we do.”

What they say: “You didn’t tell me what to do!”

What they mean: “You haven’t been paying enough attention to the needs of me and my teammates, so a lot of us feel in the dark and without a clear sense of direction. It’s not a question of technicality, it’s a question of direction and proper delegation.”

Use this handy decoding method to translate the needs of your employees into the structure that will help you and your team continue to grow together. Now, you may want to start that artisanal batch of beer with dark chocolate and notes of honey and call it your famous “Ale to the King” and serve it exclusively in steins at room temperature, and you’re more than welcome to do that, just as long as your super-original recipe allows you to keep Brewing Your Skill!